West Selemadeg

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Selemadeg Barat is a sub-district in Tabanan regency, Bali province, Indonesia, which is located approximately 25 km west of Tabanan City. Its position is very strategic because it is one of the sub-districts that support the rice barns of Tabanan Regency. Selemadeg Barat Subdistrict is a mountainous area which is hilly in the north and sloping towards the south with an altitude of 0 to 700 m above sea level, rainfall is relatively large in the northern region (mountainous and hilly areas), with regional boundaries as shown below. mentioned above. The area of West Selemadeg District is 120.15 Km2 which is divided into 11 Service Villages, 72 Banjar Services and 32 Pakraman Villages.

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