Can we book through GiantGoTrip.com safely?
GiantGoTrip.com is a sub-company of PT Giant Group Asia, Physically located in Gianyar, Bali- Indonesia. We are a legal company that runs our business mainly in providing an online platform engine for the travel industry in Indonesia.
How to cancel a reservation
If you need to cancel your booking, please contact GiantGoTrip.com Customer Support. It will be depending on the cancelation policy stated in the itinerary upon your booking, you may be charged a cancelation fee. Changes and cancellations are subject to the rules of the price that you purchased. We will first review the cancellation conditions, as some services are non-refundable in nature.
How to change the reservation
Before confirming your booking, we strongly advise checking again that the dates of check-in and check-out and destination are appropriate to prevent any mistakes. After the payment has been confirmed and the itinerary appears on the screen, there is no chance to change the online booking. If you need to change your booking, please call GiantGoTrip.com customer service. For amendments, we will check any availability on the dates you wish to travel on. If the booking needs to revalidate/ reissue, you may incur price difference and fees. For booking reissues, the newly-issued ticket will be electronic. Please be noted that GiantGoTrip.com doesn't charge your cancelation or additional fees for the changes, but the hotel/ service vendors might.
Do we need to reconfirm our booking?
Once your reservation is booked, there is no need to reconfirm. When the booking process is complete, an email with details of the confirmed booking and containing the information needed to check-in will be sent. Booked Itineraries can be viewed online by log-in with your account and going to "Booking History". If no confirmation is received, please contact GiantGoTrip.com.
Will a cancelled booking be refunded or charged?
Please read closely the "Cancelation Policy" at the bottom of the itinerary to see the terms and conditions for refunds and cancelation charges. In the event of a refund, the refund will be processed and sent according to the payment method chosen. For more information please call GiantGoTrip.com Customer Support.
How do I know my booking is successfully made?
When payment is confirmed and the booking process complete, an itinerary will be displayed on the site with all the booking information, including your itinerary code needed for check-in purposes. A thank you letter will be sent to your email, followed by another email with all your itinerary details. If you fail to receive the email, please call GiantGoTrip.com.

How to Book a Service

Step 1
Start your search by choosing the service, filling in destination, date, and the number of the person(s), then click the search button.
Step 2
You'll be redirected to the search result page, then choose the service that you wish.
Step 3
Choose the date and number of the person(s) then click the book now button, or check availability for the hotel and choose the room.
Step 4
Apply the coupon (if there is any) then click on the update cart button. Afterward, click on proceed to checkout.
Step 5
Fill up all the information required on billing details, then proceed with the payment by clicking the place order button.
Step 6
Within 60 minutes after your payment is confirmed, we will send your voucher to your email.